"There's nothing REALTOR® Lori Hellofs welcomes more than a good challenge, and she's taken on more than a few of them in her lifetime. Now she's helping others do the same - with winning results."

From Representing Legislators to Revitalizing Retail Businesses, There’s Not Much Lori Hellofs Hasn’t Taken On.

It’s a lovely night on the lake, and the friends and family that have gathered on the deck of John and Lori Hellofs’ lake home are enjoying laughter and conversation. Up in the night sky, the northern lights are shimmering in all their glory, the perfect decoration for a lively get-together. These moments with the people she cares about are very precious to Lori, and she treasures every one. They are the greatest reward for years of hard work and powerful determination.

The Joy of VICTORY

For Lori, the gratification isn’t just in the reward itself. It’s in meeting the challenges that come with it. That’s where the real satisfaction lies. Lori has always loved a good challenge. She’s chaired the Town of Lacombe’s Economic Development Board and successfully campaigned for municipal, provincial and federal candidates. Active in son Bradley’s and daughter Katelyn’s schools, she’s also an enthusiastic supporter of their sports teams. This lively professional is known for embracing every opportunity that comes her way, and with sheer determination she has triumphed over every challenge.

A Solid Foundation

A native of Lacombe whose family legacy goes back 100 years, Lori attributes much of her tenacity to having grown up on the family farm. With early responsibility came a solid grounding in the values of hard work, integrity and loyalty that serve as the foundation of her dedicated spirit. After college, Lori worked for the Red Deer College Foundation, where she gained the exceptional skills for teamwork and detailed research that helped her campaign successfully for legislative representatives and effectively meet the needs of their constituents.

A Major Triumph

But helping candidates win political campaigns isn’t the only way in which Lori has triumphed against seemingly unbeatable odds. She also took on the challenge of revitalizing one of the area’s shopping malls. While collecting rent from the retail tenants, she saw the center was in decline and that morale was low. So Lori developed a comprehensive public relations program to engage the community through special events, sponsorship of local sports teams and participation in various community organizations. Today, that mall is filled with eager shoppers.

Always Up to the Challenge

It’s no surprise to learn that the very same skills and enthusiasm that enabled Lori to conquer the challenges of politics and retail redevelopment are the core of her success as a real estate professional. Utilizing the detailed and diligent research and organizational skills she has honed over the years, Lori works closely with each of her clients to determine their unique needs and help them develop a comprehensive plan of action to achieve their goals.

As a working mother, Lori understands the challenges of balancing business and family. That’s why she’s devoted to making the real estate process a smooth and easy one. Lori ensures that her clients are kept constantly updated with the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions, freeing them up to spend precious time with family. Ready to venture out into the Lacombe real estate market? Considering the sale or purchase of a home in Lacombe? Lori Hellofs is Always Up to The Challenge. Call her for a complimentary consultation.